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Puteri UMNO Bahagian Subang

Puteri UMNO Bahagian Subang


Posted: 09 Mar 2011 10:00 AM PST

Once , many have pay less attention to Anwar's shenanigan .

When he was sacked from his deputy post , most of us were in our lower secondary schoolings . His deceitful has been whispering in our ears that he was framed .

He was discharged from his good office because of so-called known 'conspiracy' which was the construction of Anwar . In other words , it was a situation of complot whereby an unlawful act was imposed on him by his opponents secret agenda .

I grew up around the debate of perception versus truth about Anwar's machinating for a decade . He was dubbed as a hero in his conspiracy theory .

As time went by , I come to understand with many sober minded Malaysians that Anwar is full of the paradox of liars and deception , specifically he has described himself as a demagogue . His incendiary notes had almost back stabbing the American administration . Anwar' s manipulated skills act on peoples' prejudices well . At some juncture , he managed to con the American .

In fact , we have been fooled and conned by Anwar ever since the day he took the favorable position of the 2nd presidentship in ABIM , Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement in 1974 .

We came to realize of his impurity when he was suddenly sacked from the good office of the Deputy Prime Minister . It was hard to believe at that time that he was sacked because of his homosexual love affair and latter charged on the abused of power .

The aftermath reveals the truth who is Anwar really is but his aftermath has been our nightmare .

Anwar has gone beyond the political norms of our democracy . Our forefathers would have not believed that Malaysian have been further divided and fragmentized . His unworthy thoughts and ideas of democracy has been the cover front from his derived immorality and valueless from his known behavior . His exploitation to propagate have reached beyond doubt that he is politically a sick man and leader .

Anwar has dramatically intervened Malaysian integrity and effectiveness with his lairs and allegation smearing the name of the people and the Nation . Hiding behind the freedom of speech and democracy and beef walk his defective absurdity , he thinks he can get away with them .

Anwar has politicized all expects of Malaysian-governing activities which have been endangering government's most important domestic functions for peace , harmony and economic progress .

Anwar has appointed his annihilative nominees to reach out to the decision makers of his PKR collision partners , just to insure sustainability for his leadership in the collision on the expense of the citizens .

In his own party , he practices aggressive favoritism , undeniable to the public eyes . Among his choices are people who have lied for his defense of his wrong doings , that include the members of his family .

He has simply bypassed his responsibility the circumstances of truth to the people . There is limit to political perception . As someone remarks , ' politic is not everything '

Herni Azura

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