Isnin, 28 November 2011



Dear Friend

Posted: 28 Nov 2011 12:20 AM PST

Dear friend, I am humbly writing this risk free message to you, regardless that we have not known each other, but I believe that this could be an avenue to know each other. Please may this letter serve as a notice and as a proposal to you. My names are Miss. Nadia Paxton, of the Malaysia. I am a British citizen by Marriage, but presently divorced, my father and Mother are originally from the Malaysia. I am presently working with an international delivery financial service company, as the head of department, Consignment and Luggage Security unit. There was an amazing thing that happened in my office. For quiet sometime now, I have been checking on a particular consignment under my unit. Since 2007 to date, no one has come for the collection of this consignment. I managed to open it, and found out a huge sum of amount Registered in the box and after much consideration, I decide to keep it to myself. The only way to take out this consignment is to get someone who will stand for it. I know that life is all about risk, so I decide to take the risk of contacting you, to stand and make claim on this consignment. You need not to worry, as I will be guiding you on the procedures to follow, as to provide the relevant documents which will be needed to claim the consignment from our office. I can assure you that this is a risk free deal, and I am 100% ready to compensate you, if your co-operation is fully applied. Please if you need more clarifications and ready to assist with the best of your interest, kindly write me back, so we can get to know each other. I shall wait for your response, so I could furnish you with more details relating to my proposal. Till then, I remain my humble self. Miss. Nadia Paxton, Email:

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