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HAMIM Ledang

HAMIM Ledang


Posted: 13 Mar 2014 01:32 AM PDT

Adakah kajian dijalankan bagi sebarang jalinan kerjasama antara PROTON dan PERODUA bagi menghasilkan kereta hibrid tempatan yang lebih banyak pada masa akan datang dengan harga yang berpatutan bagi memberi inisiatif kepada rakyat yang ingin mengurangkan penggunaan petrol?

Jawapan saya: Setakat ini, tiada jalinan kerjasama di antara PROTON dan PERODUA bagi menghasilkan kereta hibrid tempatan. Ini adalah kerana kedua-dua syarikat mempunyai pelan hala tuju tersendiri, termasuk bagi aktiviti perluasan pasaran, peningkatan produktiviti serta kualiti, pengurangan kos dan pembangunan rantaian bekalan yang berdasarkan pelan transformasi syarikat masing-masing.


Posted: 13 Mar 2014 01:18 AM PDT

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and Good Morning.

1.            It is my privilege to welcome you to this Exporters Forum with the theme 'Energising Exports'. I am happy to see so many of you here at this inaugural event. Your presence here is a clear indication that overseas expansion remains an important part of your business plans. I hope that this event will foster closer collaboration between MATRADE and Malaysian exporters and serve as a platform for discussion and exchange of views.

2.            One of the fundamentals of Malaysia's economic development is the strong partnership between business and government. This partnership has served us well. I am confident our partnership will continue to enable us to enhance our export promotion efforts. Last year, MATRADE served more than 11,000 exporting companies. In the years ahead, MATRADE will continue to support your overseas expansion plans. MATRADE will work with you in establishing relevant business connections and developing firm-level capabilities. With a presence in more than 40 cities worldwide, MATRADE can be your partner as you seek out new market opportunities.

3.            Malaysian exporters continually face challenges such as cost competitiveness and the fast changing market demand. It is MATRADE's role to help you navigate through the complexities in each of the different markets. Towards this end I am happy to note that MATRADE has developed several new initiatives this year such as the Go-Ex and Mid-Tier Programmes to assist exporters at various stages of their exporting journey and help build your export capabilities. Both these initiatives involve structured assistance programme that aims to develop the export competency of Malaysian exporters.

4.            Malaysia is a relatively small country by size and population but our trade performance ranks us amongst the most important global players. In 2012 Malaysia ranks as the 24thlargest trading nation in the world. Last year alone Malaysia's total trade expanded more than 4.6% compared with the previous year. Our total trade stood strongly at RM1.4 trillion against RM1.3 trillion in 2012. Despite imports outpacing exports, Malaysia still enjoy a positive trade balance making this the 16th consecutive year that Malaysia has enjoyed a trade surplus.

5.            In 2013 Malaysia's exports grew by 2.4% or RM17.2 billion to reach RM719.8 billion. This year, we expect to do even better with trade projected to grow by 5-6% and exports at 3-4%. With better global growth expected in 2014, I am confident that the year will end with positive results for the exporting community.

6.                     On the part of the government, we will continue to assist the exporters by reducing trade barriers and enhancing trade facilitation through Free Trade Agreements. Exporters can take advantage of Malaysia's extensive network of free trade agreements (FTAs) to sharpen their competitive edge. Via the FTAs, exporters can benefit from tariff concessions, thereby making their exports more price-competitive. They will also enjoy preferential access, faster market entry, and investment and intellectual property protection.

7.                     As the agency promoting overseas growth of Malaysian-based companies and international trade, MATRADE will continue to support all manufacturers as they intensify their efforts to go international. Let's take a mid- to long-term perspective and harness our resources in preparation for the future.

8.            Before I end, I would like to once again thank all participants present for investing your time to attend today's programme. I hope that you will benefit from the presentations and I hope to see more manufacturers participating in export promotion activities organized by MATRADE. I understand that similar programmes will be organised by MATRADE throughout the year in different locations in the country.

9.            On this note, it is with great pleasure that I declare open MATRADE's Exporters Forum 2014.

10.         Thank you and I wish you success in your endeavors.

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