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HAMIM Ledang

HAMIM Ledang


Posted: 26 Feb 2014 03:19 AM PST

1.            I am delighted that one of our joint projects, the Qinzhou Industrial Park is progressing so well. The photos we saw about the progress of construction in QIP is indeed impressive, given that the ground breaking was hardly two years ago. We are also pleased that there will be an Avenue named Zhong-Ma Avenue or China-Malaysia Avenue in QIP. I will make an effort of having a Ma-Zhong Street in Kuantan as well, to serve as a reminder to our posterity of the strong friendship that connects our nations together.

2.            The commitment given by the Central Government and the People's Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, as well as the People's Government of Qinzhou towards the success of the Sisters Park Project has demonstrated the sincerity of China in building a strong economic partnership with Malaysia. Your hands of friendship are received with passion and commitment, for the mutual prosperity to the people of China and Malaysia.

Kuantan Industrial Park

3.            The Kuantan Industrial Park, despite our best efforts, the excavators are not rolling inside the MCKIP yet. There were some issues that need to be addressed and we are beginning to see breakthroughs in the past few months. We appreciate your patience and are happy that our partners in Guangxi and MOFCOM have given equal attention and efforts towards the success of MCKIP.

4.            We would also like to take this opportunity to record our sincere appreciation for SP Setia and Rimbunan Hijau Group in their contributions for the project thus far. Business realities have prevented them from joining us in the future development of MCKIP and but rest assured that the Government of Malaysia will continue to support the participation of the two companies in the QIP side of our sister park projects.

5.            The Malaysia co-chair of MCKIP Joint Working Group has made a detailed report on the development of MCKIP to the meeting earlier. However, I would like to add a few points from the perspective of the Federal Government:

a)    Integrated Steel Plant Project

·         With regards to the proposed integrated steel plant project, I understand that all relevant authorities including representatives from the Home Ministry, Land and Mining Department, Local Government, Labour Department, Environment Department, as well as iron ore, water, electricity and gas suppliers have stepped up to facilitate in all necessary components of the project. However, we have not received applications or specific details of the project so far.

·         We understand that the steel industry globally is going through some difficult times and we appreciate the importance of timing in making business decisions. Perhaps if the timing is not ideal at this moment, we should kick start MCKIP with another project while the planning for the steel plant project continues.

b)    Additional Land

·         On the acquisition of land belonging to the Defence Ministry, it will not be available in the near term as there are security issues to be addressed. There is also significant cost involved in relocating the naval facility. As such, the land use will have to out-weigh the cost involved.

·         Anyway, this should not be an obstacle to the development of MCKIP Phase One as the allocated land is sufficient for the projects proposed thus far. The State of Pahang has informed that additional land of about 1000 hectares has been identified for the potential use of MCKIP Phase Two and it will be made available when the need arise.

c)    Bird's Nest Testing and Research Facility

·         As for the Bird's Nest Testing and Research Facility, we welcome Guangxi's proposal for the setting up the place in QIP to facilitate the import of Malaysia's raw unclean bird's nest into China.

·         Therefore, I urge for the working group to work out the details and we will talk to our Bird's Nest industry to discuss this proposal further.

d)    BeiDou industrial project and Sino-Malaysian Bank

·         As for the proposals on partnership in Beidou Satellite Positioning System, we take note of the significance of the project and will get the relevant departments on both sides to start discussions as soon as possible. The same goes for the Sino-Malaysian Bank proposal, which we will bring the proposal back to Malaysia for further discussion.

6.            Once again, I would like to state our appreciation for the excellent arrangements and for the hospitality extended to us. This is my first official trip to Beijing and I must say that the secretariat has given me a very good briefing and I am impressed at the various levels of governments in China.

7.            As for Madam Gao and Mr. Zhang, your frankness and sincerity is surpassed only by your leadership and wisdom. I believe that such open and honest discussions are the secrets to the strong relationship and trust between both our governments. I look forward to working closely with you in the near future and together, we shall bring success to the sister parks.

8.            Our officials will be in touch to follow up on the issues discussed and to keep the communications going until we arrange the next meeting in Malaysia at a date to be mutually agreed.

9.            Thank you.

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