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My inheritance & Investment Management / Kindly reply

Posted: 26 May 2013 12:59 PM PDT

Dearest Good Day,
I am Miss Valeria W. Williams a 18 years old, a student and the only child daughter of late Hon. Engineer A. Williams (a Diamond and Gold trader with the Mining Industries, and a Contractor), he was an investor in some Countries and trade from Ghana to South Africa, Nigeria, United States, Europe and as well as Asia and subAsian countries before he was poisoned by his colleague.
I got your e-mail address on my desperate needs for an investment adviser / manager in any of the Countries my late father has investment and please kindly write back to enable my inherited $21.8 million Usd be invested under your supervision while I continue my studies; On your response, there must be an agreement between us thereafter, I will instruct the Bank to get the funds transferred and upon my visit to you, we will immediately start for the investment process.
Please kindly send me your full names and your telephone numbers with your address for more confidence before we proceed further.
Thanks and i will expect your quick response.
Yours ever,
Miss Valeria.

Investment In Your Country(GOLD DUST AND FUND)

Posted: 26 May 2013 12:14 PM PDT

Firstly, I must notify you that internet is not the right place to discuss this proposition. On this ground, it becomes unavoidable that a meeting  should be schedule to enable us have a face to face business discussion. Sincerely speaking, i need no education to understand the reason why people finds it extremely difficult in trusting strangers in this wicked world. It is not my duty to blow my trumpet but trial will surely convince you on how transparent, honest and absolute truthfulness i am in this project and i can't wait to prove to you the authenticity  of this deal beyond any reasonable doubt. I believe in practical view ad demonstrations.
Secondly, let me start by introducing myself officially.  My name is Dr. Mrs. Ada Emillia Ahmed Bin Venezuela Citizen married to Libyan and wife of late Retire General Ahmed Diko Bin, who was shot dead during the civil war in Libya. ,My late Husband was Financial adviser and business associate with Mr.Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi that deals in Crude Oil lifting, Gold Dust/Bars situated in Tripoli-Libya. I was married with 6 kids,two boys and four girl.I lost my two daughters during Libya War last year. it was a terribly situation for me and my Family Right now in the desert.
My Husband was executed with the late Libyan president Gadaffi during the Libyan civil war which claimed the souls of uncountable innocent people mostly women and children. We have been in hiding for over months now in the desert without good food, water or medication. It is tougher that a jungle full of wild beasts here in the desert. After the death of my husband, we have been in the desert in Bani Walid with my children and my youngest daughter but unfortunately another incredible tragedy yet occurred as my daughter was shot by the Militants who has vehemently refused to lay down their arms as ordered by present regime while she was searching for medication for us. And i was left completely helpless. May their soul rest in peace.
However, it will be a good idea to tell you the brief history of the origin of the fund and the gold in question. In all truthfulness, the rightful owner of the money and gold is late Libyan president Colonel Gadaffi. The late president had a healthy working relationship with my late husband and based on this fact, when the two associate decided to lodge the money and the gold in the bank vault, based on what Gadaffi called precautional purposes, the late president never wanted the money and the gold to be traced back to him or any member of his family. The money was lodged in the vault with my name. That is to say, I am the sole beneficiary of both the money and the gold now that the only two people that knew about the existence of the money and gold are dead.
I have been trapped here with my children for the past months and have not been able to locate internet service around the refugee camp.
Your indication of interest to this great opportunity proposal shall be highly appreciated as I will be glad to receive your response and answer to my email as below,
1 .  I seeking that company or individual who have the ability to assist me for the transfer of the fund, invest and manage it.
2.   Do you have the ability to manage/invest?
3.   The fund will be transferred bit by bit into your account if you are ready and capable to handle it .?
4.   Do your account have the ability to accommodate up to $1MillionUSD above?
5.   The fund is completely out of Libya.
6.   What area of investment do you think this amount will be invested?
7.   Have you received money overseas before?
8.   The total cash/fund is curretly secured inside Bank Vault out side Libya?The Gold Dust or Dore Bars is outside Libya too.
9.   Internet is not the best place to discuss such huge project as I will link you up with my financial consultant who assisted us to move out the fund through their Microfinance Bank.
A.   Do you know or have idea of Gold Bar and Dust?
B.   Do you know any buyer who can travel down to where the Gold is lodged to enable him see, pick up sample for test Assay Report straight to the refinery to confirm the purity before discussing on the affordable price to be given.
C.  I seeking that Mandate/broker who can assist me to find buyer of below commodity.
D.  The buyer have to arrange for trip to where the Goods was located. This will provide him the avenue to take some sample for test Assay Result.
a)                                COMMODITY:         Aurum Uranium (AU)
b)                                FORM:                      Gold Dust or Dore Bars
c)                                PURITY:                     93.5% minimum
d)                                FINENESS:               22+ Karats minimum
e)                                QUANTITY                  550 kgs
What am seeking for is nothing but a trust worthy fellow who will assist me in getting the money into his company or private account for better investment. Somebody that can take us as sister, brother, mother and father. Ready to relocate us out of the desert once the transfer of the fund is completed into your account or sale of the commodity. Can I rely on you?
Yours Madam Ada Emillia
Email me back?    drmrsemillia@superposta.com

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